Take-Back Task Force

The Take-Back Task Force is a community clean up and intercessory prayer group.

We encourage teens and young men to pray for one another while helping to keep our Sylmar neighborhoods clean at the same time.  Here's how it works:
  • Sign up to be a task force member by sending your name, email address and phone number
  • Choose a few blocks around your home to watch and pray over. This is your "Prayer Jurisdiction"
  • Pay attention to graffiti and trash left in your jurisdiction
  • Call "Trash Busters" for trash pick up and pray over any common trash dumping sites in the area.
  • Call "Graffiti Busters" to remove any graffiti left in and around your Prayer Jurisdiction neighborhood.
  • Write "Tag" names on our Prayer List Sheet, pray for them weekly and send the list to us each month.
  • Receive weekly prayer requests to pray for the youth and young men in your Prayer Jurisdiction.
It's easy and you will be blessed by God for your efforts! The Lord says to "love your neighbor as you love your self."  God will honor you for the love you have for your neighbors and your neighborhood!

We will send you all the phone numbers, prayer sheets and prayer requests you need to help be a blessing to the city of Sylmar!